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Member Rating: 7.41 Lexi Love & Melrose Foxxx - Date Added: Saturday, 08/02/2014
I can't believe the ordeal I just went through! Melrose Foxxx and I used to be good friends until we found out we've been fucking the same black dick. She went from friend to pissed off sista in about 5 seconds. She got back at her boyfriend ( or is he still my boyfriend?) by tearing me a new asshole...........physically and verbally. I wasn't about to end our friendship on a sour note so we decided to get dirty, filthy, and fucking nasty. She ate my white pussy better than anyone ever has and she got me squirting up a storm. It wasn't nearly over until I was face deep in her firm ass with my tongue deep in her colon. She nearly chipped my teeth as she shoved a glass dildo down my throat and if you watch closely you can see my neck expanding in and out. She treated me like her white little rag doll and it's true that hell hath no fury like a black woman scorned.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member ohmes**** Said:
this was ok but it would have been better if melrose ate lexis asshole too

Member thoma**** Said:
These sexy women are not very sexy running around saying black this and white that. Horrible scene, same ol sequence over and over on this lame site.

Member booke**** Said:
I'd love to see this black chick dominate Alexis Texas. Those two thick asses smacking together would sound so nice. Then Mel could force Alexis to sit on her ass and rub her back. Then mel could press her pussy up against Alexis pussy and rub them together by force. Oh so hot!!

Member samba**** Said:
The saliva dripping from the white girls face after eating Foxy's ass was great!

Member kenne**** Said:
this scene is hot. the girls are very cute, esp. the foxy melrose.

Member shado**** Said:
I think we would like to see a strong black woman VERBALY dominate a white girl racially. IE hearing her say something like "your my little white whore" or "suck that black dick you fuckin white ass slut" something like that

Member 7ggjg**** Said:
Awesome!! So many lesbo scenes involve 2 girls comforting each other, or finding out their lesbian. This scene rocks because of so much anger!!

Member kenne**** Said:
melrose is so fucking hot. i could watch her anytime. the white girl can't compare.

Member josh3**** Said:
damnnnn melrose fox is such a hottie

Member SealK**** Said:
Simply Perfect!!! I already loved the way she fucked Julia Ann with Prince on that Blacks On Blondes video. This one was tremendous too : 10/10. Melrose is born to tyrannise white girls stealing the best black men! Make her come back to destroy more white pussies!

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